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Crop and Reproject in GeoExpress

Sure, you know GeoExpress as the software you rely on to compress raster imagery and LiDAR point clouds to make them easier to process, share and archive. But did you know GeoExpress also offers a dozen powerful tools you can use for further manipulation and enhancement of your geospatial data? We call them our Hidden […]

A Tale of Two Pixels: Nodata and Transparency in GeoExpress

GeoExpress is a software package that provides image compression technology for converting raw imagery into the compressed MrSID format. Not all MrSID files are created equally, however, which makes understanding the differences between them very important. MrSID Generation 3 (MG3) files are a legacy format still used by many GIS applications. MrSID Generation 4 (MG4) […]

Why are Pixels Missing in my Image?

When I convert raw data to a MrSID file there are many areas within the image that are the wrong color. Here is the raw image: And here is the compressed MrSID: Some explanation of how GeoExpress and ArcMap handle nodata is in order. To learn more about missing pixels in your MrSID image, visit […]

MrSID Compressed

MrSID Compression and Despeckling

Despeckling in MrSID Compressed Images

Speckling artifacts happen because compressing images to MrSID at high compression ratios requires approximating colors. In other words, “black” becomes “almost black.” While the human eye doesn’t ordinarily notice the difference, this can make it difficult (not to mention ugly) to mosaic images together. Speckling also happens with other background colors depending on the nodata […]

Express Server 9.0.7 Now Available

LizardTech issued a patch for Express Server this week, the fast and simple image-delivery server for MrSID. Express Server 9.0.7 is now available! This patch release addresses two main things: 1. Users can now install to the website of their choice (not just the default website) 2. Fixed a bug that was causing a server […]

As UAS Technology Evolves, MrSID Playing a Key Role

In case you’ve somehow missed the news, the mapping business is undergoing one of its biggest disruptions since Landsat thanks to the proliferation of those little unmanned airplanes and helicopters that are probably flying over your house right now. Depending on who you ask, there are literally hundreds of legitimate commercial companies building and selling […]

Transportation Agencies Compress, Manipulate and Serve Immense Data Sets with LizardTech Products

The agencies responsible for building and maintaining transportation infrastructure are difficult to define. There are vast differences from agency to agency in terms of reliance on design engineers and construction contractors. There is no ‘typical’ transportation department. A quick review of our LizardTech transportation clients in the US and Canada finds most reside at the […]

Download the Raster Data Pain Points Survey Report Today

Do your colleagues in the geospatial industry feel your pain when it comes to dealing with raster data? You can find out by downloading our new survey report that analyzes the results of our recent ‘Pain Points’ survey. Click here to download the report at no charge. We conducted the survey over the summer to […]