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National Security Depends on Useful Information in the Hands of Diverse End Users

The term ‘National Defense’ conjures up notions of an army, navy and air force ready to protect the homeland from organized military or loosely affiliated rebel aggressors. In today’s complex world, however, this term has widely been replaced with the blanket title of ‘National Security’ due to the many activities that national governments now undertake […]

Pain Points Survey Blog #3: What is your primary pain point when working with LiDAR data?

LizardTech conducted an industry survey at the Esri User Conference in July and online in August. If you’re wondering how your industry peers are using, compressing, accessing and storing all types of raster data, refer to this blog over the next few months for an overview of the survey results. Although manipulating and analyzing LiDAR […]

LizardTech Announces Software Program for National Universities

At LizardTech, we believe in the potential of students and the power of geospatial technology. Together, they can change the world. That’s why we are proud to have launched a new program designed to put vital geospatial software tools into the hands of students, researchers and their instructors at national universities around the globe. Our […]

Download the Raster Data Pain Points Survey Report Today

Do your colleagues in the geospatial industry feel your pain when it comes to dealing with raster data? You can find out by downloading our new survey report that analyzes the results of our recent ‘Pain Points’ survey. Click here to download the report at no charge. We conducted the survey over the summer to […]

LizardTech GeoViewer 3.0 now available free 4

We’ve just released our new viewer, LizardTech GeoViewer 3.0, and so far it’s flying off the shelf, or rather across the Internet. It’s free to download here (http://www.lizardtech.com) and we’ve had thousands of takers already. We issued a press release yesterday, and I was going to follow up with an announcement here, but the way […]