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Express Server 9.0.7 Now Available

LizardTech issued a patch for Express Server this week, the fast and simple image-delivery server for MrSID. Express Server 9.0.7 is now available! This patch release addresses two main things: 1. Users can now install to the website of their choice (not just the default website) 2. Fixed a bug that was causing a server […]

Transportation Agencies Compress, Manipulate and Serve Immense Data Sets with LizardTech Products

The agencies responsible for building and maintaining transportation infrastructure are difficult to define. There are vast differences from agency to agency in terms of reliance on design engineers and construction contractors. There is no ‘typical’ transportation department. A quick review of our LizardTech transportation clients in the US and Canada finds most reside at the […]

LizardTech Announces Software Program for National Universities

At LizardTech, we believe in the potential of students and the power of geospatial technology. Together, they can change the world. That’s why we are proud to have launched a new program designed to put vital geospatial software tools into the hands of students, researchers and their instructors at national universities around the globe. Our […]

Express Server, Leaflet and Non-geo Images

Leaflet is a nice little viewer which works very well with WMS servers like Express Server (as shown in this post). However, Express Server doesn’t just serve georeferenced imagery – it can serve any type of large images, even if they are not georeferenced.   Express Server uses a custom API called getimage to quickly serve […]

Express Server Webinar with Directions Magazine

Next month, we’re partnering with Directions Magazine to bring you a live webinar about distributing high-resolution raster imagery. We’ll go over the challenges posed by ever-increasing file sizes and bandwidth constrained environments, then discuss why distributing compressed imagery may be the solution. Click the webinar title below to read the complete webinar description and to […]

Browsing imagery with ExpressZip.

Express Server white paper published

If you’ve ever wondered about our Express Server product — what it is, what it does, how it works — relief has finally arrived. Not that you couldn’t always just call or email us and bat the subject around with a sales representative (you still can), but for those shy persons among you and those […]

To our customers working with Esri products

LizardTech’s business is not only about compression ratios and lossless quality; it’s about making our customers’ jobs easier by providing the best GIS solutions around while still taking into account their current operations. While much of our team’s time during the last ten months has been spent building and launching LizardTech’s GeoExpress® and Express Server® […]

Express Server 7 available now

We’re excited about the release of Express Server® 7 image serving software. You already know that Express Server is the fastest, most stable, and easiest way to distribute high-resolution raster imagery. Who doesn’t know that? But what you may not know is that besides running as a 32-bit application as it always has, Express Server […]