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Same Lizard, Same Magic

What do flying turtles, a Bob Odenkirk look alike, dogs on boogie boards and neon lizards have in common? If your answer was that all of these have appeared in LizardTech advertisements dating back to 1999 (and aren’t a crazy idea for a game show), then you are correct! LizardTech has been around for a […]

GeoExpress Toolbox for ArcMap 2

For those of you that live in ArcGIS, you’ll be glad to know that it’s easy to perform GeoExpress tasks directly in ArcMap. You can use the versatile and extensible python toolboxes built into ArcGIS to run GeoExpress commands. We’ve thrown together a sample GeoExpress Toolbox that you can extend or use as-is to perform […]

Reminiscences of Spring Break at the ESRI Dev Summit

Glen Thompson and I were fortunate to attend the ESRI Developer’s Summit in Palm Springs last month. In addition to being a great excuse to get out of the rain here in Seattle, the Dev Summit provides a great opportunity to catch up with our friends from Redlands and see what’s new with ArcGIS. Those […]