GeoExpress Video: Be More Productive, Just Like Scott!

Are you overwhelmed by too much satellite and aerial raster data? Too many applications and end users to satisfy? No more room left in the digital archive for additional images or LiDAR files? You’re not alone. In fact, you’re just like Scott, the GIS hero in our new GeoExpress video. Watch how Scott uses GeoExpress […]

GeoExpress 9.5.1 is More Streamlined and Able to Mosaic LiDAR Data

GeoExpress just keeps getting better and better. Last summer, we rolled out LiDAR point cloud compression for the first time in version 9.5, allowing you to shrink your LiDAR elevation data sets to one-fourth their original size without any loss of information. And this year, we’ve already taken the new LiDAR data handling capabilities one […]

A Tale of Two Pixels: Nodata and Transparency in GeoExpress

GeoExpress is a software package that provides image compression technology for converting raw imagery into the compressed MrSID format. Not all MrSID files are created equally, however, which makes understanding the differences between them very important. MrSID Generation 3 (MG3) files are a legacy format still used by many GIS applications. MrSID Generation 4 (MG4) […]

MrSID Compressed

Why are Pixels Missing in my Image?

When I convert raw data to a MrSID file there are many areas within the image that are the wrong color. Here is the raw image: And here is the compressed MrSID: Some explanation of how GeoExpress and ArcMap handle nodata is in order. To learn more about missing pixels in your MrSID image, visit […]

Despeckling in MrSID Compressed Images

Speckling artifacts happen because compressing images to MrSID at high compression ratios requires approximating colors. In other words, “black” becomes “almost black.” While the human eye doesn’t ordinarily notice the difference, this can make it difficult (not to mention ugly) to mosaic images together. Speckling also happens with other background colors depending on the nodata […]

MrSID Compression and Despeckling

National Security Depends on Useful Information in the Hands of Diverse End Users

The term ‘National Defense’ conjures up notions of an army, navy and air force ready to protect the homeland from organized military or loosely affiliated rebel aggressors. In today’s complex world, however, this term has widely been replaced with the blanket title of ‘National Security’ due to the many activities that national governments now undertake […]