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In Energy Sector, Compression Helps Keep the Hydrocarbons Flowing

Here’s a shocker – Industries that use a lot of raster data are also big users of LizardTech products. And oil & gas extraction and other energy-related industries definitely fall into that category. A subset of the overall energy sector, oil & gas clients rely on our compression technology in just about every phase of […]

MrSID SDK 9 Available

Developers developers developers! Version 9 of the MrSID SDK for raster is now available. Notable changes include multi-threaded image decoding and support for GML in JPEG 2000 files. View the complete list of changes here, or log in to the developer homepage for a free download.

MG4: LizardTech’s binary star

The newly released MrSID Decode SDK is really two sets of libraries and tools in one package. And part of it was released more than a year ago under another name. Hopefully, geospatial professionals have more to do than wonder why this is, but for those with light workloads or long memories, here’s some background […]

MrSID Generation 4 gains support 2

We’re pretty excited. Last week we announced that version 11.01 of Global Mapper supports LizardTech™ MrSID™ Generation 4 (MG4) among its many supported elevation formats. Mapmakers who use Global Mapper will now benefit from being able to load point clouds compressed using LizardTech Lidar Compressor™ into Global Mapper. Earlier this week we were able to […]

Calling the SDK from C# 1

Because we support multiple platforms (Windows, Solaris, Linux, Mac), our Decode SDK is written in C++.  Some years ago, our C++ APIs used to regularly lead to the question, “do you support Java?”.  The answer was always sorry, no, we’re not a Java shop and we don’t have any Java bindings… But we’ve always provided […]