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This page is about the people behind Zoom. We’ll introduce contributors as they contribute. You may have met some of them on trade show floors, or picking over fruit at the market. If so, say hello. For us, this blog is about forming a community.

Note: The views expressed on Zoom are the opinions of the individual writers and do not necessarily represent the views of LizardTech or Celartem, Inc.


JustynaJustyna Bednarski
Director of Marketing Communications
Blog Host

Justyna joined LizardTech in 2004 as a public relations and events manager to help the company increase its exposure via industry publications and events. She assumed responsibility for LizardTech’s marketing efforts in 2005. Essentially she gets to do what she loves most: talk to editors and marketing folks, spearhead fun marketing campaigns and activities, attend tradeshows and work with some of the most talented individuals on planet earth.

A UW graduate, in her spare time Justyna enjoys all the outdoor activities the great Northwest has to offer like hiking, biking, camping, swimming and snowboarding and of course, showing this beautiful world to her three children.


Genie, simpsonized

Genie Hays
LizardTech Central Territory Sales Manager

Genie says: “I was born and raised in Washington State, graduated from the University of Washington (go Huskies!) in 2004 and began working at LizardTech in Dec 2004 as the Central Territory Manager (a.k.a. sales rep). Sadly, I don’t get to indulge in as much hands-on GIS work as I would like so I am currently enrolled as a graduate student at the University of Denver in the Computer Information Systems program. I travel quite a bit for work and pleasure so look for me at a trade show near you!”



Mike Rosen
Software Architect

Mike came to Lizardtech in March of 2000 following work with EDS and other systems integration/consulting firms from Seattle to Singapore. For several years he worked with the company’s document imaging technology (currently managed by the parent company, Celartem Technologies). These days he helps manage the Engineering group in Seattle and does much of the integration with GDAL and ESRI.

When not solving GIS software problems, Mike maintains JBrute, a well-received (possibly because it’s free) English/Japanese dictionary for Windows.



Past Contributors



Jon Skiffington
Director of Product Management

In his role as director of Product Management, Jon is responsible for analyzing market needs and defining both product and marketing requirements for LizardTech’s GeoExpress, Express Server, Spatial Express and LiDAR Compressor product lines. A graduate of the University of Washington School of Business and a boomerang employee at LizardTech (2000-2001 and 2003-present), Jon started as a sales engineer and has worked with LizardTech’s customers for most of the past decade.

In his spare time Jon enjoys aviation, home theater, and is a wicked drummer in Rock Band.

Photo by Alex Smits.


Burning WalterWalter Wittel
Senior Software Engineer

With two art degrees under his belt, Walter started his career as a medical photographer at a large hospital in Los Angeles, but eventually his interest in electronics drew him to an alpha-numeric display manufacturer. When personal computers appeared on the scene he was an early customer and fielded coworker questions like “What can you do with it other than Pong?”

After a move to Oregon in bad economic times he found work in computer retailing/service during the early days of the industry, then moved to an early manufacturer of PC peripherals where he did embedded programming. Eventually he went back to school for a CS degree and moved to Seattle to work for a large, well known software manufacturer. Following that he sampled contracting and a small startup before landing at LizardTech, where he could participate in the GIS industry he had been increasingly attracted to.

In his free time Walter enjoys traveling, photography, computers (go figure), family (yeah, that takes most of the free time), and looking at art. Eventually he may make a full circle and produce some art again too.

Michael and DragonMichael P. Gerlek

Michael wrote a number of the blog posts archived here while a Lizard. He led various segments of LizardTech’s development team in various roles from 1999 to 2010, his last being director of Engineering. Always a hands-on software engineer, he stepped down from the rarified heights of corporate management at the end of 2010 to start his own business, Flaxen Geo Consulting.


JaimeJaime Garrand

Jaime is a Communication grad from the University of Washington who joined the LizardTech team in 2008 and became our sales/operations support person. Besides fulfilling orders from the sales team, working on marketing initiatives, attending tradeshows and organizing company events, Jaime also added her voice to the LizardTech blog several times before leaving LizardTech in 2011 for further adventures in marketing.



Matt Fleagle

Matt was LizardTech’s technical writer from 2004 to 2013 and the company’s copywriter and editor for a few years before that. He started this blog and hosted and maintained it for its first few years. He left LizardTech in 2013 to pursue further challenges as a technical writer. If you’re trying to track him down and the trail goes cold, you can flush him out at www.copywritermatt.com.

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