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Greetings!  We always love hearing from our users – and after being in business for 25 years we’ve come to realize how globalized our user base has truly become in this ever-shrinking, ever more interconnected world.  From the U.S., to Japan, to Brazil – this geospatial industry that we work in has put us in touch with friends and colleagues from around the world.  And in that spirit, for this installment of the LizardTech blog we want to highlight a photo that was sent our way by a friend of LizardTech’s from far-off China!

We tip our hat to Steve DeGloria who sent us a photo of him in his LizardTech shirt while visiting the campus of Ocean College, Zhejiang University, in Zhoushan City, which is south of Shanghai and directly east of Hangzhou.  Steve is at the University teaching a graduate-level three-week short course in GIS and technology, and the statue he is in front of is in honor of Professor Zhu, one of the founding faculty members of Zhejiang University.



Thanks for spreading the word, Steve! Good luck in China, and safe travels!  We wish you the best!

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