Use Global Mapper and GeoExpress to Create MrSID Images


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Greetings and welcome to another installment of the LizardTech Blog!

In this entry I want to spend some time highlighting a particularly beneficial  integration that one of our industry partners – Blue Marble Geographic has implemented to allow their Global Mapper users to create MrSID images from within their GIS software application.  It is a great example of how our LizardTech software tools can be used to not only create MrSID images, but to also allow for automation and integration into other software packages.

Commercially available since 2001, Global Mapper is a powerful and affordable GIS software package that offers many advanced analytical tools and an easy-to-use interface.  With an active and loyal user base, Global Mapper has incorporated support for MrSID viewing through our Decode Software Development Kit (DSDK) for over a decade.  However, rather than just support viewing MrSIDs, the Global Mapper team also developed a way to export data as MrSID images by way of an innovative application of the Command Line Tools that come included with every license of GeoExpress.  As illustrated in the images below, Global Mapper uses a shell to call out to the command line application, which allows for users to set the various encoding options for their images within the Global Mapper GUI without having to exit the application and open the GeoExpress GUI.  It’s a streamlined operation that leverages the benefits of both software packages.

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It’s important to note that to take advantage of this integration you need to have a licensed copy of GeoExpress and room left on your cartridge (unless you’ve purchased the Unlimited version), in addition to having a licensed copy of Global Mapper.  The Global Mapper integration will access your cartridge and decrement the correct amount of data from it.  If you need a copy of GeoExpress or more cartridge space, just contact our sales department at

I’ve created a more in-depth LizardTechGeo video that demonstrates the operation in full and encourage you to take a look.  It’s a really nice example of what third-party developers can do with the tools that we offer with our software packages.

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