GeoExpress 9.5.4 Ready For Download!



In our never-ending quest to produce the highest-quality, most useful software products for our customers, we are happy to announce that GeoExpress 9.5.4 is ready for takeoff!

Albeit not a major release, 9.5.4 addresses some critical bugs and adds a beneficial piece of new functionality – especially for our users who use, or produce and deliver, aerial imagery.  We are excited that it’s ready to go and want to let everyone know what’s inside.  Drum roll, please!


  • Seamlines Shapefiles – We’ve added a feature where a user can generate a shapefile of the outlines of the various tiles that make up a raster mosaic.  This will illustrate in vector format where the tiles overlap, and how much overlap is included.  This new feature was recommended by an aerial imagery provider customer of ours and we are sure it will assist others who collect and produce aerial imagery.  Stay tuned to our LizardTechGeo YouTube Channel for a video demonstrating this new feature!
  • Multiresolution Mosaic Bug Fix – A few months ago we received a report that, when producing multiresolution raster mosaics, some unexplained – and unwanted – low-res pixel shift was occurring. This bug has been remedied and users can go back to creating multiresolution mosaics with confidence.
  • Command Line Tools Improvements – Previous versions of our Command Line Tools didn’t provide an option for creating a handy composite mosaic for MrSID images – users had to go about it a roundabout way that was simply a pain.  Well, we’ve fixed this and created a new composite mosaic switch to go along with the traditional flat mosaic one.  Huzzah!
  • Multi-File Alpha Transparency Bug Fix – We fixed a strange bug in 9.5.3 where, when selecting multiple files and trying to set a Transparency (alpha) value in the Advanced Options menu, the value defaulted to indeterminate and running the job caused GeoExpress to crash.  It no longer does, so yay!
  • License Server Bug Fix – Users reported a bug where some Express Cartridge Manager server installations fail because the incorrect Microsoft Visual C++ libraries were being installed.  Prognosis = remedied.

And last but not least….

  • Image Resampling Bug Fix – It was reported that downsampling an image resulted in the edge extents of the image being altered very slightly. This has been fixed.


As always, we thank our amazing user base for continuing to help us produce the best possible image compression and manipulation software possible.  We encourage everyone to download the new release, and look forward to more feedback!


Thanks From The LizardTech Team




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