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WMS Express Server YouTube Video

Web Map Services (WMS) are incredibly valuable methods to provide analysts and other users with up-to-date image and map data over the internet directly into GIS Desktop applications such as ArcGIS and QGIS. WMS are flexible, scalable and can even be encrypted using https to provide an extra level of security when transmitting sensitive data. LizardTech’s Express Server is the fastest way to serve out MrSID raster and LiDAR data in both high and low bandwidth environments using WMS.

How does it work? Express Server creates a WMS link for for any raster file or LiDAR point cloud catalog created using the Express Server administrator interface. As long as the data can be indexed and georeferenced using a valid coordinate reference system, Express Server will serve it out to your users.

Express Server also provides a multitude of WMS configuration options to enhance the metadata being served and refine the user experience. WMS version 1.1.1 (the OGC standard supported in Express Server) provides eight different metadata categories for each catalog WMS feed, along with the option to share information about the Express Server instance as a whole.

In our latest video, How to Configure WMS in Express Server 9.5you’ll see step by step how to configure your Express Server WMS feeds for optimal use. Source metadata, attribution, data abstracts and contact information – All to provide a richer experience for your users!

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