How-to Video: Compress Camera Photos with GeoExpress

Compress JPED MrSID JPEG2000 GeoExpress Extensis Digitam Asset DAM

One of the cool, but lesser known capabilities of GeoExpress is its ability to compress not only geo-enabled images, but consumer camera images as well! Anyone with a GeoExpress license can take a JPEG photo from a smartphone or DSLR and compress it to a MrSID or JPEG2000 at a fraction of its original size. The benefits of this to the individual mobile device user are obvious: Compressed images take up less storage space on a hard drive or SD card and are easier to share. When compressed, high-resolution photos retain amazing visual quality, even when ratios of 50 or 100:1 are applied.

Watch below in our latest YouTube video to see how to compress everyday photo files (like JPEGs) into MrSID and JPEG2000. These images can be viewed using our free GeoViewer product or any other application (including GIS ones) that incorporate our MrSID viewer plugin. Extensis’ Portfolio Digital Asset Management (DAM) application can also index MrSID image files and expose them out to your entire enterprise. What’s more, any MrSID image file can be edited using the existing tools in GeoExpress. In GeoExpress you can adjust the image histograms, crop the images or add additional metadata.

Be sure to check out this little known feature of GeoExpress!

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